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The Heart of Adventure.

Welcome to Brevard and Transylvania County, North Carolina’s Land of Waterfalls.

Find everything you need to navigate an unforgettable vacation and the adventure of a lifetime.

Winter Visitor Guide

We invite you to “Think Outside” this season and every season. Brevard’s 250 waterfalls, white squirrels and extensive woodlands are not just a warm-weather phenomenon. For all of us here, adventure is a year-round proposition. What’s more, the charming small town at the heart of it all may be one of the jolliest, warm, and magical places around. Explore the Heart of Adventure this season because adventure never takes a holiday.

Three Wonderful Winter Adventures

Three Wonderful Winter Adventures Be A Cool Rider Cycling in winter months has long been a favorite activity of avid road bikers. There’s less... Read More

Chillin’: 5 Cool Seasonal Activities

Chillin’: 5 Cool Seasonal Activities 1 1 Take a hike One advantage of winter hikes? You can see everything. The subtle contour of the mountains.... Read More

4 Tips From A Fly Fishing Champ: Get Hooked

4 Tips From A Fly Fishing Champ: Get Hooked There are 500 miles of fishable trout waters within a one-hour drive of Brevard. No wonder avid anglers... Read More

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Three Wonderful Winter Adventures

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Where in the world is Brevard?

Seventy-five percent of the United States population is within a one-day drive of Brevard.

In other words, you probably live a lot closer to us than you think!