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The Heart of Adventure.

Welcome to Brevard and Transylvania County, North Carolina’s Land of Waterfalls.

Find everything you need to navigate an unforgettable vacation and the adventure of a lifetime.

Summer Visitor Guide


Dive into the Heart of Adventure to plan your unforgettable summer getaway. Our 250 waterfalls and 100,000 acres of public land surrounding a lively, authentic small town make for an out-of-this-world landscape for you to explore. Discover our lush forests, sparkling swimming holes, epic bike trails, and high mountain peaks along with delicious food, great music, and all the extraordinary events that make summers in Brevard so very cool.

Visiting soon? Check out our Get Out Guide for highlights of events this week and info on where you can eat, drink, and spend the night.

How To Float Your Boat (or Inner Tube): Jump in

How To Float Your Boat (or Inner Tube): Jump in From the 3rd oldest river in the world to numerous tributaries and streams, there are multiple ways to get on the water in Transylvania County. Here are two great ways to go with the flow on our... Read More

5 Best Swimming Holes: Splash down

5 Best Swimming Holes: Splash down Looking for a place to cool off in the summer? We’ve got you covered. From the ever-popular and world-famous Sliding Rock to more remote, have-it-all-to-myself spots, here’s our personal list of favorite places to... Read More

Let’s Ride: Epic singletrack

Let’s Ride: Epic singletrack BIKE Magazine calls Brevard and Transylvania County “ground zero for some of the best riding in the nation.”  Here are five singletrack rides that prove that claim. Thad Walker, a former head coach of the Brevard... Read More

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Where in the world is Brevard?

Seventy-five percent of the United States population is within a one-day drive of Brevard.

In other words, you probably live a lot closer to us than you think!