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Waterfall Safety

Have fun. Be safe.

As beautiful as our waterfalls are, they also hold hidden dangers. In 2016, six individuals died in waterfall accidents in Transylvania County and several others were injured. We ask you to join with the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority, Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest and Gorges State Park in encouraging everyone to practice waterfall safety. If you’re planning a visit, please follow the waterfall safety tips found on this page.

Additionally, we invite you to go to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay abreast of current conditions and latest waterfall advisories. Contact us for waterfall safety cards and additional information. Watch our waterfall safety video below!

Waterfall Safety Tips

1. Stay on developed trails and don’t stray from observation decks and platforms.

2. Follow instructions posted at all waterfalls and trails.

3. Watch your footing. Dry rocks can be just as slippery as wet ones, especially those covered with algae.

4. The top of any waterfall is the most dangerous. Do not lean over a ledge at the top of a falls.

5. Watch children carefully. Children should always be under the immediate supervision of adults when visiting any falls. Pets should also be supervised. They can easily underestimate the slickness of rocks and the flow of water.

6. Be especially careful when you are taking photographs. Many times, photographers become more focused on taking a photo rather than securing their footing. Make sure you are in a safe, solid location before taking photographs.

7. To insure your safety on the rocks and trails, never visit waterfalls or hike alone.

8. Bring your cell phone in case you need to make a call for assistance.