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Waterfall Wise

With over 250 waterfalls, it’s easy to understand why Brevard and Transylvania County are known as the “Land of Waterfalls.” What may be harder to comprehend is how these beautiful, iconic cascades can pose hidden dangers to unwary visitors. That’s why the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority is working to raise awareness about these dangers through our sustainability committee Transylvania Always and its “Be Waterfall Wise” program. Learn more about being waterfall wise by viewing the video below and by following these important safety tips.


Every year, serious injuries and deaths occur
around waterfalls.
Admire the beauty. Be aware of the danger.


all posted signs leading to waterfall areas.


swim or wade upstream near a waterfall.


for slick rocks around waterfalls.


jump off waterfalls or dive into pools.


climb on rocks above waist height.


your children and pets at all times.


on marked trails and observation areas.

“It’s important to remember that a breathtaking moment near a waterfall can make you forget that waterfalls can be deadly.”

Many waterfalls are located in remote and often rugged terrain, which leads to longer response times for rescue personnel who sometimes put themselves in harm’s way for the rescue effort. We encourage everyone to share our waterfall safety video and posters so that visitors to our waterfalls may have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

You’ll find these helpful posters throughout Transylvania County. If you are interested in promoting waterfall safety by displaying a poster at your place of business, please contact Virginia here.

Be Waterfall Wise is an initiative of the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority and it’s sustainability program, Transylvania Always. Learn more about the work of Transylvania Always here. We also invite you to find out more about another important Transylvania Always initiative, “Leave It Better.” Inspired by the principles introduced by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, “Leave It Better” promotes six key principles that can help you be a responsible forest visitor. Learn more about “Leave It Better” and our very own forest steward – Trashsquatch – here.

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