Itinerary: 7 Days of Museum, Arts, & Culture in Brevard North Carolina
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Artful Adventures

Choose from the following activities to completely immerse yourself in the artistic and musical traditions of Brevard and Transylvania County:

Live Music

On several nights out of the week (and almost all in the warmer months) your odds of running into a bluegrass jam, a rock band, a jazz funk combo and/or a world-renowned classical quartet playing live somewhere in the immediate vicinity of downtown Brevard are well nigh 100%. First stop, the Visit Waterfalls calendar. It offers the most complete listing of concerts, shindigs, jam sessions and more.

Scenic 276 Arts Corridor

This 13-mile stretch of highway winds from just south of Brevard to the South Carolina State line. This lovely route winds past more than a dozen art galleries and craft studios, as well as home-style dining, local produce stands and charming rustic accommodations. Travellers not too distracted by the artwork may also find themselves impressed by the stunning scenery.

Mud Dabbers Pottery

Located four miles south of Brevard on Highway 276, this gallery offers utterly unique pieces created by local potters as well as a full schedule of classes and workshops for aspiring artisans of all ages. Get your hands dirty with individual instruction in a private pottery party or bring the whole family for a Saturday Family Clay Day and leave with a new family heirloom created by your fledgling Michaelangelo.

Fourth Friday Gallery Walks

Extended hours, special events and live music at Fourth Friday Gallery Walks (April-December, 5-8pm) give all-day adventurers a chance to spend their twilight hours sipping wines, strolling under the streetlights and finding a new piece to expand their personal collections after the trail gets too dark to navigate.

Movie Locations

When we say Transylvania County is internationally famous, we’re not exaggerating. Audiences worldwide have seen its lush forests and spectacular waterfalls featured in such hit films as “Last of the Mohicans” and, more recently “The Hunger Games.” Amateur Location Scouts can track channel their inner Leatherstocking and track down sites on their own. Or for a more in-depth experience, Katniss and Peeta fans may want to join a Hunger Games Fan Tour and see if they can’t score a win for their home district.

Bluegrass/Old Time Music Jams

In Transylvania County, in the summertime, it can be hard to find a stage, a porch, a gazebo, or a community center that doesn’t have a fiddler in it at least one night a week. These casual street corner concerts and bluegrass jam sessions carry on a tradition of traditional mountain music that stretches back at least as long as anyone could remember (and probably quite a bit longer than that). Head on up to Lake Toxaway Community or over to the Dunn’s Rock Community Center for weekly events. Or stick closer to town at Celestial Mountain Music or the Silvermount Mansion. Wherever end up, bring your dancing shoes, your banjo, and your sentimental streak and get to know some of the local talents.


Don’t be deceived by the sleepy exterior. Folks in Transylvania County really know how to throw a party. From May to November, there’s almost one giant street festival — complete with live music, food, arts and crafts, and a whole lot of affiliated events — per month and that’s not including the music events (Brevard Music Festival and Mountain Song) out at Brevard Music Center. Some of these are locally famous (The White Squirrel Festival is a WNC favorite) and significant (Halloween, as you might imagine, is kind of a big deal up here). All are a great deal of fun.

Picnic at Pink Beds

If it sounds like a scene out of a children’s book, you wouldn’t be off-base. This comparatively flat green valley adjacent to the Cradle of Forestry and nestled in the heart of Pisgah National Forests boasts such a profusion of rhododendron, laurel, and wildflowers in the spring, that visitors could be forgiven for thinking they’ve stumbled into a fairy tale. With plenty of space for picnics, a short easy looping trail, and easy access to almost every kind of outdoor recreation imaginable (camping, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, etc) this is a positively dreamy place to wile away a warm afternoon.

Arts & Crafts Shows

It’s not surprising that so many opportunities exist throughout the year to catch sight of local and regional craftspeople at arts and craft shows. It’s always a good idea to check in with the Transylvania Community Arts Council for regular themed exhibitions and a full listing of holiday events.

Transylvania Heritage Museum and Historical Sites

History buffs may find themselves transported into another century through the often fascinating exhibits at this local museum. Nearby historic sites, such as the Silvermont Mansion and the Allison-Deaver House add a further dimension to any good journey through Transylvania’s past.