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Why is this region known as North Carolina's Land of Waterfalls?

The simple answer is numbers. With 250 roaring, shimmering, breathtaking plunges, Transylvania County has the highest concentration of waterfalls in the United States. The slightly more complicated answer is a combination of dramatic, mountainous geography (think: Blue Ridge Escarpment) and a climatic phenomenon called orographic lift, which causes Transylvania County to have one of the highest average rainfalls in the United States.  The end results are pretty spectacular. The term “Land of Waterfalls” has been used to describe our area since the early 1900s.

What time do we shut off the waterfalls?

The spigot controlling our local waterfalls is in the capable hands of Mother Nature, who adjusts the flow depending on the amount of rainfall. The wetter the weather, the higher the water. And yes, this was an actual question posed at the Visitor Center.

Are waterfalls dangerous?

Waterfalls are beautiful, awe-inspiring, and a great deal of fun. But they are not theme park rides. Nature is not obliged to meet safety standards. Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest is the only local waterfall with a summertime lifeguard on duty. But there is no reason to be afraid of hiking around our local waterfalls, just be smart and cautious and keep these tips in mind:

1. Observe all posted signs leading to waterfall areas.

2. Do not swim or wade upstream near a waterfall.

3. Stay on marked trails and observation areas.

4. Watch for slick rocks around waterfalls.

5. Do not jump off waterfalls or dive into pools.

6. Watch your children and pets at all times. 

7. Do not climb on rocks above waist height. 

What do I need to bring with me on a hike? On a mountain bike ride?

Though this largely depends on the season and the length of your trip, the one thing we always recommend is a good map of the area. Our many local outfitters will be able to set you on the right path as well as recommending other items your journey may require.

What trails or forest areas are appropriate for small children? What areas are handicapped accessible?

Pisgah, Dupont, and Gorges all have areas that are relatively easy to get to and some that aren’t. Visitors dependent and strollers or wheelchairs are advised to visit each area’s individual website to find out more about available options and keep in mind that many trails are narrow and natural-surfaced. DuPont Forest, in particular, offers a yearly, springtime tour event of its most famous waterfalls, specifically tailored for visitors with limited hiking ability.

So can I just set up my tent here?

Both Pisgah National Forest and Gorges State Park allow camping at designated sites. Visitors are advised to make sure they’re in the right place before rolling out their sleeping bags. DuPont State Recreational Forest offers no public camping, however, there are many privately owned campsites nearby.

When is the best time to come to Brevard?

It’s always beautiful in Transylvania County. But the best time to visit depends on what you want to do when you’re here. Our swimming holes and waterfalls are heated by Mother Nature alone, so swimming and wading can be chilly propositions well into the summer. Higher elevations can see snowfall as late as April and as early as October, so campers and hikers in spring and fall are advised to keep an eye on the forecast and pack accordingly. Peak leaf season tends to fall sometime between mid-October and mid-November, for those moved by fantastic foliage.  Many of the town’s biggest festivals (the White Squirrel, the Brevard Music Center Festival, the July 4th Celebration, and Mountain Song Festival) fall during the summer, but there are cultural activities throughout the year.

How can I get information on accommodations and special events?

Visit our lodging page for a complete listing of hotels, inns, cottages, and campsites.

The events calendar is a great resource for seeing what’s going on throughout the community. Or if you would like a preview of upcoming events delivered straight to your inbox, sign up here to receive The Adventurist newsletter.

How did the white squirrels come to Brevard?

In the early decades of the twentieth century, a pair of white squirrels escaped from an overturned carnival truck and found a new home in the Florida pecan grove. The owner of the said grove, Mr. Black, captured the pair and handed them off to his friend, H. H. Mull of Transylvania County. After unsuccessful attempts at controlled breeding, Mr. Mull and his family ultimately let them go. Not long after, an extended family of white squirrels began appearing all over town. They became so beloved by the local population that in 1986, the Brevard City Council passed an ordinance officially declaring the area a sanctuary for white squirrels. Though squirrel sighting is a year-round activity, fans of the fluffy white tail may want to make an effort to attend the annual White Squirrel Festival on Memorial Day Weekend.