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A Place to Enjoy. Always.

In 2017, the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority launched a sustainability initiative named Transylvania Always. Our mission is to be the leader in the effort to take care of Transylvania County’s natural resources in order to create a safe and enjoyable user experience and ensure that these assets are here for future generations. By supporting and collaborating with the organizations below, we believe we can enrich your experience here in the “Land of Waterfalls.” We also believe that our efforts will make it possible for future generations to have the same wondrous interactions with the natural world that are available to you today. 


Brevard/Transylvania County

The following are some of the projects that Transylvania Always has funded:

Butter Gap Area Trail Improvements

$30,000 to The Pisgah Conservancy for contracted NEPA surveys that are required within the project area.

DuPont State Recreational Forest Trail Consultation

$2,500 to DuPont State Recreational Forest to hire a technical trail expert to evaluate the Triple Falls Trail area to make recommendations for long-term trail sustainability solutions and possible trail relocation.

The Blueway Plan

$25,000 to Conserving Carolina for a Strategic Master Plan for the French Broad River Blueway in Transylvania County (“Blueway Plan”). The aims of the proposal are twofold: to inventory and assess, and then create an action plan for recreational and educational enhancements to the French Broad River within Transylvania County.

Joel Branch – Horse Cove Connector

$25,000 from the TCTDA in partnership with Pisgah Conservancy, City of Brevard, Transylvania County to create an easy connection for the Bracken Mountain Trail to Pisgah National Forest.

Cantrell Creek Project

$20,000 from the TCTDA in partnership with The Pisgah Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, REI, Backcountry Horsemen, Mills River Partnership, Mountain True, and Pisgah Area SORBA. The project created a new 2.5-mile trail away from the creek resolving the Issue of eroded soil, which was causing damage to aquatic life.

French Broad River

$10,000 to Transylvania County Soil and Water to supplement county funds for debris removal.

Trail Maintenance

River Clean Up

Trail Courtesy

Waterfall Safety

Leave It Better

Brevard, North Carolina is surrounded by magnificent scenery and unparalleled natural features. Nearly half of our county is public land and we’re proud to share those resources with people from all over the world who have traveled here to experience its magic and wonder. We invite you to join us in our Leave It Better campaign as a way to better understand and help actively reduce negative effects on nature and wildlife. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Here in Transylvania County, we are so thankful to all of the volunteers and organizations who support, sustain, and enhance both our public lands and our rich creative heritage.

NOTE: If you are an organization working to sustain and enhance our public lands or our rich creative heritage and would like to be included in this list, please contact MJ Gordon at mj@explorebrevard.com