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Yesterday, Today and Forever

In 2017, the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority (TCTDA) launched a sustainability initiative named Transylvania Always. Our mission is to be the leader in the effort to care for Transylvania County’s abundant natural resources and extraordinary public lands. In fact, over 50% of Transylvania County is made up of public lands which include over 250 waterfalls, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, the French Broad, 3rd oldest river in the world and 176 named mountains.


Brevard/Transylvania County

About Transylvania Always

When public land managers were inundated by heavy visitation to public lands in 2016, the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority (TCTDA) reached out and asked, “How can we help?” From that simple question came a waterfall safety campaign, and the following year, the official Transylvania Always Committee was formed. Soon, the committee began funding projects and launched the “Leave It Better” sustainability initiative.

Outreach to and collaboration with local public land managers, like-minded non-profits, and other key entities have been the focus of the TCTDA since their sustainability efforts began over six years ago. The result is two important messaging campaigns and over $500,000 in grants that have funded myriad projects aimed at reducing the impact of human visitation and helping to encourage safe use at Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest, Gorges State Park, Headwaters State Forest, the French Broad River, and other natural public spaces. The Transylvania Always Committee’s initiatives and grants are fully funded and coordinated by the TCTDA. It is the TCTDA’s belief that our role is much bigger than promoting our incredible destination, but also is in helping protect it and ensure that it’s here for future generations.

Transylvania Always’ principal campaigns are “Be Waterfall Wise,” the waterfall safety initiative, and “Leave It Better,” a program modeled on the principles introduced by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Grants through the TCTDA Transylvania Always programs have funded initiatives for new trails, rebuilding and redesigning existing trails, signage, clean-up and sustainability-related, events, educational programs, master planning, and more. Organizations and other entities that have received funding grants include:

Blueridge Parkway Foundation

City of Brevard

Conserving Carolina

Carolina Climbers Coalition

DuPont Forest State Park

Friends of DuPont Forest

Friends of Pisgah Collective

Mountain Sun Community School

Pisgah Area SORBA

Southern Highlands Reserve

The Lions Club

The Pisgah Conservancy

Transylvania County

Waterfall Keepers of NC

For non-profits in search of project funding, there are three paths that are detailed here. For questions,
please contact the TCTDA office at

Leave It Better

Inspired by the principles introduced by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, Transylvania Always’ “Leave It Better” initiative promotes six key principles that can help you be a responsible forest visitor. Learn more about “Leave It Better” and our very own forest steward – Trashsquatch – here.

Trail Maintenance

River Clean Up

Trail Courtesy

Waterfall Safety

Be Waterfall Wise

We also invite you to check out Transylvania Always’ “Be Waterfall Wise” program, which offers seven easy to follow tips that will help keep you and your family safe when you’re exploring “The Land of the Waterfalls.” Learn more about being waterfall wise here.