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Killer Bees Honey

Join us on the beautiful Killer Bees Honey mountaintop, with an iconic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, for the Original Killer Bees Honey Tasting

Killer Bees Honey presents a delightfully delicious discussion and exploration of honey. Our experiences are guided by hive master and chief connoisseur, Sean Collinsworth. Sean is a certified North Carolina beekeeper, having managed bees for over 30 years. He is one of a handful of Americans to be certified with the Italian Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey; fondly known as a “Honey Sommelier”. Like fine wine, pure honey is a product of a local terroir; the soil, water and climate all contribute to the complexity of regional honey flavors.

About the Experience:– Learn how bees make honey and why pure honey never spoils.– Learn the difference between honey varietals and what distinguishes them from one another.– Learn the factors that influence honey flavors and production.– Learn what to look for when searching for honey purity, and what to avoid.– TASTE a variety of honeys and discover how they pair, compliment and enliven various foods.– 2-.5 hour presentation includes honey, food pairings & champagne along with a honey souvenir!– Visit the Honey house to see how pure, raw honey is processed from the comb.$750 minimum base cost for up to 10 guests. 2 additional guests can be added for $75 each. No guests under 15 years old.Contact Denise Altay for details and to schedule.Email us at, or call 312-909-5878.

Southern Highlands Reserve

Visitor Days are held the first Tuesday of the month April through October. We are currently sold out for the year. Private Tours provide the opportunity for a deeply personal look at the true beauty and wonder of the Reserve. $350 minimum per group up to 10 people, $35 per person from 11 – 20.


From May through August our priority is to our summer camps. Availability for visits is limited during this time and is already full for the 2021 summer season. If you would like to schedule a visit from May through August of 2021, please contact and include your requested dates. We will place you on our waiting list and contact you if openings arise.

Hunger Games Virtual Tours

While we are not doing our live tours because of COVID, let us tell you about the filming stories no one knows. We are happy to arrange a social distancing meeting or Zoom call to give you a map so you can explore these sites with your friends and family at your leisure. Call or email us to arrange your virtual tour.