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Transylvania County Tourism

Transylvania County Tourism

Transylvania County Tourism (TCT) is responsible for promoting Transylvania County to the wider world. Funding for the organization is provided by a 5% occupancy tax on Transylvania County accommodations.



To generate and enhance tourism opportunities in Transylvania County through strategic promotion coordinated with tourism-related businesses and local government, and to contribute to a vibrant, sustainable economy.



To position Transylvania County as a desirable four-season destination for those seeking an authentic leisure experience that makes the most of the county’s abundant natural resources and unique cultural opportunities; to elevate tourism as a viable and significant contributor to Transylvania County’s economic, social and cultural well-being; and to support the conservation and enhancement of our natural resources.



The TCT by-laws state: The Authority shall consist of nine (9) members appointed as follows: (1) A County Commissioner appointed by the Board of Commissioners. (2) A member of the Brevard City Council appointed by the City Council. (3) Two owners or operators of hotels, or other taxable tourist accommodations to be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. (4) Two individuals interested in the tourist business who have demonstrated an interest in tourist development and do not own or operate a hotel, motel, or other accommodations; said persons to be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. (5) One individual who shall be appointed by the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce. (6) Two members-at-large to be appointed by the Board of Commissioners.



The TCT board meets at 8:30 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month. Until further notice, TCT board meetings will be held electronically via Zoom. Members of the public who wish to attend should contact Corey Gafnea at or 828-884-8900 at least 24 hours in advance for instructions on how to join. Due to the holidays, a meeting is held on the first Thursday of December in lieu of the November and December meetings.