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There are various ways the TCTDA accomplishes its mission, with direct marketing and promotion of Transylvania County as the primary tactic. However, there are a number of initiatives, like the tourism grant program, that play an important role as well. The goal of this program is to maximize the impact of TCTDA funds by supporting local individuals and organizations with events or initiatives that positively affect the local tourism economy.


The following criteria will be used as a basis for evaluating and awarding grants:

  • The extent to which the requested funding results in visitors to Transylvania County, with overnight visitors as a first priority and day visitors as a second.
  • The extent to which it results in visitor impact during off-peak times with the highest priority given to the time of year with the lowest demand.
    • Slow season: December thru March
    • Shoulder season: April/May (until Memorial), September (after Labor), and November
    • Peak season: Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend, plus October
  • Strong preference is given to grant requests supporting new or substantially changed events/initiatives.
  • Preference is placed on grant dollars that are directly attributable to marketing and promotion.
  • Preference is given to requests that include marketing and promotion outside of Transylvania County.
  • The extent to which it enhances the experience of visitors, resulting in return visits and new visitors through word-of-mouth.
  • The extent to which it matches the TCTDA mission and Transylvania’s local brand.
  • The extent to which it shows sustainability.
  • Preference is given to requests that include other partners.

*Based on a desire to support new and sustainable events/initiatives, repeat annual requests with no significant innovations will be evaluated even more strictly based on the above criteria. Note that a detailed “After-Action Report” from any prior grant(s) is required to be considered for a new grant. An emphasis is placed on meaningful information on the local impact of your event/initiative as well as details on the makeup of your visitor/attendee.


  • The primary benefit of the event/initiative must be to Transylvania County.
  • Applications will be accepted from non-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • Only one request per event/initiative may be made each calendar year.
  • An organization or agency may apply for more than one grant within the calendar year as long as each grant application is for different events/initiatives.
  • A minimum of 20% of the project costs must be provided from other funding sources (i.e. the applicant and/or other partners). In-kind donations do not apply.
  • Grant funds must be used within one year of the award date.
  • Appropriate TCTDA support credit must be included in all applicable areas.


Grant requests may be made for up to a maximum of $3,000. The TCTDA may award an amount less than is requested. Once a grant is awarded, funding may be requested by contacting Tourism Development Coordinator Prentiss Brewer for a brief review, which will cover the following:

  • Is the event/initiative planning substantially underway?
  • Has/will the TCTDA be included in all appropriate promotion associated with the event/initiative?
  • Confirmation of contact information for dispersal of check.


The TCTDA must receive appropriate partnership credit on ads, promotional material, and press releases. The TCTDA will provide digital logo(s) and should be referred to as Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority or Transylvania Tourism if there are space restrictions. A proof must be provided of any of the above mentioned items prior to creation or printing to ensure that placement, size, etc. is appropriate and to make sure that the background does not render the logo illegible.


By completing this application you are acknowledging that you will submit an after-action report within 60 days of the conclusion of your event/initiative. Failure to provide the after-action report will disqualify the applicant from future grant considerations.


Grants are reviewed quarterly by the TCTDA Board of Directors. Note the below deadline and notification schedule. Applications must be submitted well in advance of any marketing and promotion associated with your event/initiative to ensure appropriate partnership credit is provided. Additionally, it is recommended that you submit an application in advance of the deadline in case there are any questions or additional information is needed before it is presented to the TCTDA Board. Applicants have up to one year to complete the event/initiative and/or request awarded funds.

DEADLINE: December 31
January 31
One Year from Notification

DEADLINE: March 31
April 30
One Year from Notification
July 31
One Year from Notification
DEADLINE: September 30
October 31
One Year from Notification

To be considered for grant funding, a completed application should be submitted. Any questions about the TCTD Tourism Grant Program should be directed to Operations & Project Coordinator Corey Gafnea at 828-884-8900 or by email.

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