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Leaf Your Worries Behind

Five Out-of-the-Car Ways to Get Out and Enjoy Fall Color In Brevard

The high mountains and lush forests of Brevard and Transylvania County are particularly spectacular when the leaves start to change. The month of October (and sometimes into November) produces spectacular hues in an ever-shifting palette of reds, yellows, oranges, greens, and near-purples. While you can get a front-row view of the color show from pretty much anywhere in Transylvania County, mild temperatures and easy access to outdoor adventure mean that you can enjoy the season change from a host of thrilling locations.

Here are a few ideas to take your leaf game to (sometimes literally) the next level:

1. Paddle the Upper French Broad.

Take a trip down one of the oldest rivers in the world, as it runs through a scenic landscape marked by high mountains, lush meadows, and all the colorful flora and fauna that call the area home. The trip is gentle and fun for all ages and abilities (though you might run into a small Class I rapid), so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bask in the beauty of the season.

2. Cycle the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The high twists and turns of the Blue Ridge Parkway have long offered cyclists some of the most rewarding rides and jaw-dropping vistas around. Cooler temperatures and the stunning fall color of the landscape make rides this time of year even more dazzling.

3. Hike to High Falls.

DuPont State Recreational Forest is known for its miles of trails and spectacular assortment of waterfalls. You’ll walk by Triple Falls on the hike up to High Falls, and once you’re up there you’ll see one of Transylvania County’s most celebrated plunges flanked by forest decked out in brilliant autumn hues.

4. Fish in the Davidson River.

Fall is a great season for catching gorgeous leaf color. It’s also a great season for catching trout. As its chilly waters flow down through Pisgah National Forest, the Davidson River is an angler’s dream with fishing spots and fantastic views of the foliage.

5. Paddle to the base of Hooker Falls.

Paddleboarding combines a great core workout with a peaceful opportunity to glide over the water. Local favorite Hooker Falls, in DuPont State Recreational Forest, spills into a wide, reasonably still pond from which you can paddle along the little river and take in all the lovely scenery along the way.