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Downtown Brevard

Downtown Brevard, NC

Welcome to Downtown Brevard

Downtown Brevard, North Carolina is the cultural jewel in the crown of Transylvania County, Land of Waterfalls. Charming downtown Brevard offers fun, relaxation and cultural delight for everyone from rugged outdoor adventurers to families with small children.

Come play in the waterfalls and trails of Pisgah National Forest, Gorges State Park or DuPont State Recreational Forest. Then enjoy the artsy, tasty, comfy delights of downtown Brevard.

Your Perfect Mountain Getaway Spot

All that adventuring is sure to whet your appetite. In downtown Brevard, savor a farm to table meal and enjoy a pint of locally brewed beer. Or feed your soul, attend a concert or visit one of our many art galleries. Then sleep comfortably in one of our many convenient hotel accommodations.

They don’t call Transylvania County the cycling capital of the south for nothing. Come for the world- class mountain biking, stay in downtown Brevard for the biker friendly atmosphere. Talk bikes and gear at our many local outfitters. Trade stories about your morning ride on Pisgah’s famous Farlow Gap or any of the hundreds of other heart stopping trails nearby downtown Brevard.

Big City Culture, Small Town Charm

On the streets of downtown Brevard you’ll find small town comforts and big city cultural sophistication. Share a milkshake at the local soda shop then stroll through art galleries offering pottery, glass, painting, sculpture, photography, metal work and more.

As you make your way through town, listen carefully. The cool mountain air of downtown Brevard is often made all the sweeter by bluegrass, jazz or a Tchaikovsky symphony. World-class musicians from The Steep Canyon Rangers to Yo-Yo Ma have been drawn here by the Brevard Music Center.

Whatever your interests, downtown Brevard will keep the fun going after full days of mountain biking, swimming, hiking, fly fishing and waterfall chasing. Come see for yourself why downtown Brevard has been named one of “America’s Coolest Small Towns.”

A short list of things to do in Downtown Brevard might not stretch all the way down Main Street, but it would certainly wander through the one-of-a-kind inventories of local boutiques, grab a delicious meal or three at a wide variety of mouth-watering local eateries (of both casual and upscale orientations), drop by for a little bluegrass on the front porch of the Silvermont Mansion, get a tip or two about a mostly secret swimming hole from a chatty local and end up on a romantic, moonlit stroll past the courthouse gazebo.

Downtown Brevard offers fine, relaxed accompaniment to wilderness exploration and a whole new sort of adventure for any and all inclined to follow their senses through one of America’s Coolest Small Towns.


Diamond Rush: 4 South Broad Street | ((828) 883-4312 


Transylvania County Heritage Museum: 189 West Main Street | (828) 884-2347website

Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas: 21 East Main Street, Brevard | (828) 884-2141website


Co-ed Cinema: 101 West Main Street | (828) 883-2200website

Pisgah Film House: 114 West Main Street | website


Comporium Communications: 190 East Main Street | (828) 884-9011 

Transylvania Times: 37 N Broad | (828) 883-8156 | website

Transylvania County Public Library: 212 South Gaston Street | (828) 884-3151 | website

US Post Office, Brevard Branch: 211 West Main Street | (828) 883-9380 | website

WSQL Q102 FM Radio: 62 West Main Street | (828) 877-5252 | website


A Blast From the Past: 15 West Main Street | (828) 885-2590 | website

Be Boutique: 40 W Jordan St | (828) 508-8882

Brevard Clothing Company: 41 East Main Street | (727) 644-2428

Brevard Hemp: 19 North Caldwell | (828) 884-8420 | website

Broad Street Wines: 30 S Broad | (828) 883-2101 | website

Brown Bean Coffee Roasters: 57 West Main Street | (828) 883-2233

Children’s Center Emporium: 38 S Broad Street | (828) 877-5250

The Cherry Tree: 14 East Main Street | (828) 884-8733

Crystal Mountain Gem Mine: 31 South Broad Street | (828) 877-4700 | website

Rocky’s & Rocky’s Corner Market: 50 South Broad Street | (828) 862-4700 | website 

Gravy: 17 West Main Street | (828) 862-4900

Harris “Ace” Hardware: 123 West Main Street | (828) 883-2103

Highland Books: 36 West Main Street | (828) 877-5000 | website

Humane Society Thrift Shop: 84 East Main Street | (828) 884-6577

Hunters and Gatherers: 40 West Main Street | (828) 883-3709 | website

Lilly T’s Clothing Co.: 14 West Main Street | (828) 884-3444 | website

Local Color: 36 South Broad Street | (828) 384-0684 | website

Main Street Ltd.: 147 East Main Street | (828) 884-4974 | website

Mantiques: 68 West Main Street | (828) 884-9021 | website

Mountain Paint & Decorating: 120 West Main Street | (828) 884-2285 | website

Mountain Quilts: 60 West Main Street | (828) 577-3221

O. P. Taylor’s : 1 West Main Street | (828) 883-2309 | website

Spice it to a Tea: 64 West Main Street |  (828) 606-003 | website

Sun Dragon Art & Fiber: 43 South Broad Street, Suite 102 | (828) 877-3550 | website

Penny Lane Exchange: 32 South Broad Street | (828) 883-4645

Poplar & Ash: 22 West Jordan Street | (219) 588-2968 | website

Roost Interior & Gifts: 35 W Main | (828) 884-2012 | website

The White Squirrel Shoppe: 2 West Main Street | (828) 877-3530 |  website

Theophilus: 66 East Main Street | (828) 884-2994 | website 

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