Woodland Winter Getaway - Brevard North Carolina
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Woodland Winter Getaway

Woodland Winter Getaway

(December 15 – March 14)

There’s no place quite like the Land of Waterfalls in the winter. The pace is slower. The crowds are fewer. The spectacular mountain views from our many trails are clear and unobstructed. Prices for comfortable, cozy accommodations are the lowest of the year. And after an invigorating hike or bike ride, there are plenty of places to warm up by a toasty fire. In short, Brevard and Transylvania County make for the perfect Woodland Winter Getaway.

You’ll find lots of details below to help create a memorable getaway for you, your friends and your family, including outdoor hiking tips, special events and activities. And don’t forget to sign up for our Woodland Winter Getaway Giveaway (say that five times quickly!).

Snuggle up with great deals

There’s no doubt about it. Our local innkeepers offer tremendous deals on winter overnight accommodations, welcoming visitors with a twinkle in their eyes and the kind of cozy, inviting surroundings that make a winter stay in Transylvania County so wonderful.

Want to start planning your Woodland Winter Getaway? Check out our accommodations here.

Making the Most of Winter

Winter is a special time in Brevard and Transylvania County. For example, have you ever seen a frozen waterfall? Have you ever hiked to some of the highest lookout points east of the Rockies and looked out on vistas so clear that you could seen neighboring states? Have you ever rented a cabin in the woods and warmed yourself by an old-fashioned wood fire? All this and more is waiting for you here in Brevard and Transylvania County. Check out our blog about five popular winter activities in the Land of Waterfalls.

Winter Events & Activities

Maybe you’d like to learn pottery. Or tie a fly. Or build your own fly rod. Or attend a stimulating lecture. Winter in Transylvania County offers all of these possibilities. Davidson River Outfitters, Headwaters Outfitters, TC Arts Council, Transylvania County Library and many other businesses and organizations offer a bonanza of learning opportunities. Check out our Calendar of Events for ideas and details.

Special Events:

For a complete list of winter activities and events, go to our Events Calendar.